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We are called to Stand as the True Guardians of our Planet




Voices of Water is membership commuity gathering an active archive of Water Wisdom all in one place, engaging the voices and visions of Water Stewards to motivate us in creating the viable solutions required rise in collective intelligence as a species.

In this gathering together, we begin to invite humanity to embrace a truer, deeper understanding relationship to Water as the Essential Source of All Life on Earth.

At a time in the world when humanity is needing to find a new story for our species, 

we must remember our most  basic truth ~ Water as the primary intelligence design.


As we return to this more natural blueprint and balance we remember Water is not a resource or commodity to benefit only a few members of one species ~ Water is Source!


Now is the time to rally our communities, listen to the indigenous elders, and learn from each other how to connect with Water as the abundance of All Life and Earth itself. 

To Contact Us:
How We Got Here:

Inspired by a day of Deep Water Healing held on January 6, the initial Voice of Water broadcast launched 3 days around World Water Day on March 22, 2021, where we hosted a high concentration of Water Stewards presenting on 2 dozen water-focused workshops, roundtables, and practices. We sought to explore the issues in our home Watershed of the mighty Sacramento River and look at the challenges in Watersheds around the world. As well, we dove into a deeper human inquiry of our essential relationship with our Water as the Source of All Life.


We had no idea what life-changing magic was ready to emerge.

Over those days, we hosted over 100 guest speakers and participants with more than 30 hours of recordings. The caliber of wisdom rising exceeded our expectations and changed the course of our own Water activism and advocacy.

During that event, the Voices of Water team was very successful in bringing a fresh perspective and awareness to ourselves and to our audience, most of whom are extremely concerned about the issues threatening the integrity of our world’s Water.

Since then many people have heard about the broadcast but they were unable to participate at the time and began asking how they could watch the sessions. We realize now how much more support we can offer the committed Water Steward community who are actively working to protect and regenerate our Watersheds.

What's  Next:

As a result, we’ve decided to form a new membership-based Voices of Water Community Media Channel where we can make available the original archive from that event. Additionally, we've collected more and more Water media from other aligned events, as well as independent filmmakers, and are inspired to create more.

Naturally, the most effective way to make this a reality is by engaging the old adage, “Think Globally ~ Act Locally!”… by connecting an international online Water Community. As we host this media channel while spotlighting the critical work of these committed Water Stewards, we can be supporting all of our efforts to clean up the human relationship with Earth.


We're excited to strengthen this global network of local Water guardians, stewards, advocates, and activists to continue their good Watershed work while building community at the same time and cultivating new Water Stewards, young and old. 

Your Participation:

The Voices of Water Community Media Channel helps to protect the Sacramento Watershed and your own Watershed. Your involvement will fuel the development of vital Water programs, templates, media materials, and educational curriculum for us to engage. Importantly, we'll have opportunities to learn from each other as fellow committed Water Stewards what innovations are working and what are not working so well, and begin to apply this information in our own Watersheds.

Here are a few projects we are already working on:

  • A key element to this Water Steward method is made available templates such as the ‘The Source Directory’, our Sacramento River bioregional guidebook, so other Watersheds will be able to organize protocol in their own bioregion.

  • We’ve been working with the Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept, in alliance with the Sacramento River Watershed Project and the Water Protectors Tour, to develop a first ‘Proof of Concept’ for this innovative whole-system model with the goal of a community-building network serving in Watersheds worldwide.

  • We are also working in alliance with other Water-related U.S. nonprofits and international NGOs in Guinea, West Africa, Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and the Amazon region of Brazil, to name a few. With this model Watersheds with more available resources in the developed world are partnering with Watersheds in other countries that may not have the same level of financial means, in order to help support their efforts to co-create regenerate culture in their region. 

  • We are developing several curriculums for the many Water stewards and activists working to teach that protecting Water as Source is far more valuable than false notions of extracting and exploiting Water as a disposable resource.

More Reasons Why:
For More Information:

In a time when Our Essential Source Water is diminished, privatized, polluted corporatized, and commodified to the point of endangering all our lives ~ and more importantly ~ the entire planetary Water Cycle ~ we are called to STAND TOGETHER to protect not only our Water 'Rights' but to ensure the ‘Right of Water’ to continue nourishing ALL Life, as it has for countless eons. 

The Amazon river basin, the largest rainforest on the planet is now at 21% deforestation and is already emitting more carbon dioxide than it is able to sequester. Based on sound scientific data, this IS the Ecological Tipping Point.
The consequences of this degradation WILL push our climate crisis irreversibly into a cascading systems collapse, resulting in an inhospitable Earth in the too near future! 


Climate scientists understand that once we reach a point of 21-25% deforestation of any ecosystem, biomes begin to completely crumble, spiraling into desertification and releasing a devastating amount of stored carbon in the process. In 2019 we were at 15% deforestation in the Amazon Basin, in a few short years, we have now reached 21%; any further we will, without question, surpass the point of no return – turning humanity towards our own extinction from a remote possibility to a high probability.

This is only one biome, the same destruction is accelerating in every Watershed and forest on the planet. The world's most vital ecosystems are being opened to a state-sanctioned, commercial land-grabbing at an unprecedented scale. Rapid deforestation through logging, farming, and oil companies is done in the name of national prosperity, but in truth is destroying the vital life system of the planet to be pillaged for short-term profits, with little regard for what sustains all of us.

We, the concerned citizens of the world have a small window of opportunity to ensure the long-term survival of all life on earth as we know it. We simply can not allow this travesty to pass unnoticed and unwitnessed. We've each participated in the current state of affairs; it is all of our responsibility to remedy this issue to the best of our abilities, collectively, TOGETHER. 


There are so many people involved with countless organizations working on regenerating the integrity of our Watersheds. Now is the time to support each other and organize our effectively networking together for the greatest impact, and significantly shift our collective behavior ~ beginning with taking responsibility for our own personal actions ~ for the benefit of the children and all current/future generations of Life.  THE TIME TO UNIFY FOR THE EARTH IS NOW!

Attn:  Elizabeth Herald 

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