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Watershed Wednesdays Roundtable

Oct 20, 2021 @ 3:00 - 4:00 pm PDT

Topic: Planetary Crisis in Amazonia w/ Moran Sol Broza

VOW WWW 2021 ~ Kogi's Water Message
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Truth be told, the human species is pushing the 25% tipping point (or less) caused by extractive deforestation and dire destruction of Mother Earth's beautiful abundance. Today, humanity is heeding the imperative to stand in true guardianship of our natural world

or suffer the consequences.

Time for Now us to engage a species-wide intervention, a tidal wave of concerned citizens of Planet Earth all stepping in and standing up to prevent the vast devastation

arising from the looming catastrophic eco-collapse.



Voices of Water as an online portal is a place for the Source Water community to gather in a dynamic discover of Watershed Wisdom. Presented from many diverse angles and demographics, our catalog features media collected all in one place highlighting the voices

and visions of committed Water Stewards around the world. 

We educate each other in ways to create the viable solutions implementing genius. 

By gathering together, we begin to invite humanity to embrace a truer, deeper 
understanding relationship to Water as the Essential Source of All Life on Earth.


At a time when humanity is needing to find a new story for our species, we remember 

our most  basic truth ~ Water is the primary intelligence as the designer of life. 

Water invites us to dive into her with a series of films, interviews, and speaker roundtable. 


It is time to rally our communities, listen to the indigenous elders, and learn from each other

how to connect with Water as the abundance of All Life and Earth itself


When we intentionally  return to this more natural blueprint and balance we will  remember Water not as a resource or commodity to benefit only a few of our species,

~ Water is Source for Everyone ~

Come play with us, dive in, the Water's fine.


Join us for an unforgettable week of activation with an online

Solutionaries Symposium

The Regenesis Gathering ~ March 18-20

Select sessions will be broadcasting live from our 2 day retreat gathering held at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs at the feet of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Weaving wisdom keepers with sacred music, drums, dance, yoga, workshops
and storytelling in an activated community exploring regenerative solutions.

2021 VOW Water Video Sessions ~ March 21

We open the video archives to remember the wisdom from our committed Water Stewards' presentations from the 2021 VOW World Water Weekend.

2022 VOW World Water Day ~ March 22

Voice of Water Community Media Channel will live stream from Creststone, Colorado with 13 hours of wisdom sharing by Water Solutionaries from across the world, featuring drumming and dancing for the well-being of our planet, revitalizing our primary relationship with Water as the Source of All Life on Earth.